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It’s my turn to light up the SJ stage and then quickly turn my back and run away after I leave my confessions here for you to read and analyze. I should probably charge admission for this confession session. Either that or I should be spilling my guts inside a tiny booth while I talk to you all through a screened window. Either way…

Life hasn’t been particularly pretty lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be alive, but this is one of those time on the roller coaster of life that the ride actually gets stuck upside down in the loop. All you can think about is not puking your guts but all you want to do is puke your guts out. You know what I’m talking about right?

The good news is that the mechanic is almost done working on the ride and I should be able to return to the safety of having my feet on the ground again shortly.

So how did I end up in this predicament in the first place you ask?

Here are my confessions:

  • During the holidays I totally lost control of my eating. I haven’t been able to exercise in months (doctor’s orders), so the only thing keeping my weight in check was my nutrition. Take the nutrition out out of the equation, add some hershey’s kisses, and voila, you have the need to move your belt two notches toward the outside (Hint: not an equation for success).
  • In January I ended up in the ICU for a week. I know that’s totally out of my control (I’m doing much better by the way), but I still feel like I let so many things slip away! It felt like missing one day of work was going to have me completely buried, and missing 10? Well, that was completely out of the question, and exactly what happened. Things I normally take care of quickly are just now getting addressed two and three weeks later. The good news is that it helped me realize I was completely overbooked. I’m slowing down a little bit and putting myself in a situation where it’s not the end of the world is I decide to take a day off.
  • I bought my wife’s Valentine gift at 7:00pm on Valentine’s Day – I know this last one isn’t going to make me popular with the majority of the readers here. In my defense, Mrs. NoMo and I didn’t have a date planned. In fact, I was at home watching our boys while she was getting her hair and nails did. I’ve been thinking about what I was going to get her for a long time, but finally ended up going out and making the purchase while she was enjoying a bit of pampering. Did I procrastinate, yes. However, I wasn’t the guy who went out and bought a Valentine’s Day themed pillow pet for 60% off and then tried to convince his wife that’s the gift he was planning on getting her all along. (Although if your significant other bought you a Valentine’s themed pillow pet I’m sure that’s what he was planning to get you all along).

There’s my confession in black and white. The roller coast of life can throw some mean curves sometimes. It’s how we react to the impact that matters most.

Link up your confessions in the comments! I’m so happy to be back here!

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