Spring In2 Action Kick-Off – The Shrinking Jeans of Mel


March 2, 2011 By Mel

Yay for Spring!! Ok, ok, I realize it’s not really Spring yet, but I sure like the sound of it in that button.

This week kicks off a new challenge for us here at the Sisterhood.  It’s the Spring In2 Action challenge where you pair up with a buddy and compete as a team.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still go here to do that.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner because you can either go it alone, or we can pair you up with someone.  It would be a great way to expand your circle of support by making a new buddy.  Just sayin’.

As for me, I’m pairing up with Tracy (she’s doesn’t tweet too much so I’m trying to shame her talk her into it by linking to her Twitter account to get her some new followers.) Oh, and she occasionally blogs over at Living Like a Princess, too.

San Francisco Union Square – December 2009

Tracy is one of my dearest BFF’s.  We initially met online about a dozen years ago (OMG, where does the time go?!) and have been amazing friends ever since.  We’re practically like sisters, and even call each other that now as a nickname.  We talk on the phone almost every day and definitely email each other on a daily basis, sometimes dozens of times. LOL  We’ve vacationed together in Seattle WA, Portland OR, Edmonton AB, Mazatlan MX, Honolulu HI, San Francisco CA and the thriving metropolis of Quincy WA (population ~6000).  I think that’s all of them so far. LOL  We already have two more vacations planned, too.  We’ll be doing a Grand Canyon/Vegas trip in October and going on an Alaska cruise together next year.  So, as you can see, we truly are buds.  Love you, Sis!!

As many of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know, I’ve been sick as a dog for nearly a week.  It started out as a flu and went downhill from there.  I was back at the doctor this morning and she said that it’s turned into a severe bronchitis bordering on pneumonia.  Accordingly, I haven’t been able to do any exercise, go to my Weight Watchers meeting, work, or anywhere else other than the doctor’s office and pharmacy.  So, my starting weight for this challenge will be the same as my final weigh-in for the Power of One challenge last week.

Challenge Starting Weight: 260.8
Last Week’s Weight:
Current Weight: 260.8 Weekly Loss: -0.0 Total Challenge Loss: 0.0

Here are my goals for the new challenge:

  1. Weight Loss – Since this challenge only runs for 6 weeks and I’m sick right now, I think my weight loss goal will be to get below 255 pounds.  I’ll need to average losing a pound per week since seems pretty reasonable.
  2. Exercise – I’ll be participating in the challenge goal of completely the One Hundred Push Ups training plan.  This week may be a struggle since I’m still so sick, but I’ll give it my best.
  3. Take care of me! This one is extra important right now as I’m trying to recover.  My goal for this challenge will be to get in 64 oz of water each day and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Ok, that’s it for me.  If you’ve already signed up for the challenge, be sure to report in and link up on this week’s kick-off post.

Until next time …