So Close To My Heart – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


March 13, 2011 By Nancy

It’s been a rough couple of weeks over here. My husband was in an accident in Georgia on his way home from a golf trip in Florida. The accident was totally the other guys fault (the state police agreed), but my car was totalled. After driving 24 hours of a 36 hour trip with my brother-in-law to pick hubby up, I got hands on him and was reassured that he truly was okay. That in itself was a miracle. If you saw my car, you’d never believe it.

We came home and began the process of dealing with two insurance companies The guy that caused the accident wouldn’t answer is phone, mail or door for over a week and when he did, he said he didn’t do anything wrong. Lucky for us, with pictures, witnesses and the facts, he was proved wrong. We got a new car on Wednesday and we should get all of our travel expenses back next week and then we can put this nightmare behind us.

The one thing that I learned through this whole experience was how lucky we truly are. The outcome of this could have been so different. My husband called to tell me about the accident. He was bruised and shook up, but he was fine. It could have been a doctor, nurse or police calling to tell me he wasn’t okay. We are truly lucky and very blessed.

There are some people who are not as lucky as us. They have children who need our help. I am trying to help some of those children by walking in the March for Babies headed up by the March of Dimes.

I have the honor and pleasure of walking with Team James and Jake. Most of you know James and Jake’s mommy. It’s Beth (I Should be Folding Laundry) that used to write here at Shrinking Jeans. Their mommy lost them at 19 weeks gestation. We walk hoping that we can help that heartbreaking experience not happen to another mother and father.

I also had the heartbreak of losing a child to miscarriage many years ago. There is always that little hole left by that experience. You never forget it and you always have the “what ifs” in the back of your mind.

You probably know where this is going to go next. I need your help to raise money for Team James and Jake. Everything we raise goes to March of Dimes. My goal this year is $1000. and that’s the biggest goal I have ever set for myself. This is just so close to my heart. I hope you will see fit to help me in my quest. No donation is too small or too big. Here’s the link to my personal fundraising page. Thank you so much for considering helping me. You are the best!