Spring In2 Action – Week 2 – The Shrinking Jeans of Mel


March 20, 2011 By Mel

Ok, so I’m (*ahem*) a few days late in getting my challenge update posted.  I was finally able to put in a full week at work last week after having been so sick and missing a good portion of two full weeks.  Amazingly enough, I’m actually still fighting it.  It’s the bronchitis that refuses to die.  On top of all that, my boss went to Germany on vacation, so I’m the acting Director until his return on April 4.  Instead of managing just one department, I’m now managing three with employees spread out across the entire country.  Yeah, no pressure there. LOL

I will preface this scale update by saying I have ZERO clue how the scale went down at my weigh in on Wednesday.  I’ve been completely off track for the past week.  I’ve been doing a lot of emotional eating which is never good.  It’s stemming from old memories cropping up and some current family drama as well.  The worst part?  I knew I was doing it and just didn’t care. On the good news front, I have a plan for getting back on track!

Anyway, here was my weigh in for Week 2 of the Spring In2 Action challenge:

Challenge Starting Weight: 260.8
Last Week’s Weight:
Current Weight: 261.8 Weekly Loss: -0.8 Total Challenge Loss: +1.0

Uhmmmm, yeah.  Given how much success I had in the last challenge, I’m not off to such a good start with this one.  Hopefully my buddy Tracy doesn’t regret asking me to be her partner. LOL

By getting back on track now, I’m hoping to minimize some of the damage before my next challenge weigh-in coming up in a few days. *fingers crossed* Even if I end up seeing a much higher number this week, I’ll totally deserve it given the way I’ve been eating. Right now I’m just focusing on the fact that the scale only measures my weight, not my self-worth. (Special thanks to Sara for sharing that gem a couple of months ago on Twitter!)

Until next time …