Spring In2 Action – Week 4 – The Shrinking Jeans of Mel


March 30, 2011 By Mel

Wow, I can’t believe we’re already FOUR weeks into this challenge.  Time has truly just become a big blur for me while I’ve been sick.  I’ve been working from home from the most part, so one day just seems to blend into the next.  Other than trips to the doctor(s) and Target for the medications and groceries, I haven’t really gone anywhere in nearly a month with the exception of darting out to my Weight Watchers meeting a couple of times to weigh in.  I did try to go to the office for a half day on Monday, but it was just too much still.  I’ve been working at home again the past couple of days.  By doing that, I can nap/rest as I need.

Here’s my weigh-in result for Week 4 of the challenge:

Challenge Starting Weight: 260.8
Last Week’s Weight:
Current Weight: 260.2 Weekly Loss: -2.4 Total Challenge Loss: 0.6

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!  OMG, you guys just can’t imagine how excited I was to see this number this morning.  It’s been WEEKS since I’ve had such a nice loss due to being sick and on so many medications.  As of today, I’m finally down to just two now, so I’m hopeful the scale will continue to cooperate for the rest of the challenge.  Because right now, it’s a little depressing to realize I’ve basically only lost a half pound in the past month.  That having been said, I’m uber excited to be so close to dropping down into a new decade! *insert happy dance*

Until next time …