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Dear Friends,

I’m wondering… Will you play a game with me?

Here lately, I’ve seen a lot of new faces, and I was thinking we should play a game to all get to know each other better. So this is how it’s going to work:

1. Give us your name.

2. Tell us how you found the Sisterhood.

3. Tell us why you are here.

4. Say one nice thing about the person who commented above you. (Note: this could get tricky, some people may end up with two people commenting on them. If so, that’s fine, but please let’s try to get everyone. If you already posted1-3 but see that someone hasn’t had something nice said about them, then feel free to post another #4. Does that make sense? I hope so!)

I’ll start us off!

1. My name is April.

2. Back in 2009, I found the Sisterhood on Twitter while watching The Biggest Loser. The next day, I emailed them and told them what a great site they had, and within 24 hours, Christy had talked me into re-starting my blog and joining in the next challenge. Within a few months, Christy asked me to post every other Thursday, then a few months later, she asked me to contribute full time. That day was the best day for me. Since learning what it took to live a healthy life, I always wanted to “pay it forward” and this was my chance. If I have touched just one of your lives, then my mission has been successful.

3. I am here because I want to touch lives. I want to inspire you, I want to watch you succeed. It is such a great feeling to succeed. But also, I know that I will always need support because sometimes I may fall. If I fall I have many wonderful people to lift me up. Thank you to each and every one of you for being who you are because who you are is amazing.

4. I’m the first one to play, so what is the first person going to say about ME?

Let’s here it! GO!

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