melissa, confessing – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


March 8, 2011 By Lissa

Well, hello there. I see it has been A MONTH since I have written on this baby. You probably think I have been avoiding you. And you would probably be right. *cough*

So, you probably remember how successful I was doing South Beach in November-Christmas. I lost 14 lbs and was feeling awesome. Then, I kind of got a little lazy with the structured eating, throw in a trip to Colorado, yadda yadday, then a trip to Oklahoma, and there you have it. 211 pounds. That is a gain of TEN FRICKIN’ POUNDS. There. I said it.

I gained 10 pounds back.

I ate candy. Junk. Sugar. Mmmm. Everything I hate to love.

I have been a little depressed because it doesn’t look like I will be doing my San Diego 1/2 in June. I feel like I need something to train for. I had PLANS, yo. I already registered!!! They just aren’t working out. I am throwing around the idea of doing a bunkhouse 1/2 marathon on that weekend instead. My own private party with my kids doing a fun run and then bringing me water on four-wheelers. ;p Maybe I will even make myself a kick-ass medal and t-shirt.

Anyway, I enlisted the help of my beautiful Belgian friend, Karena, for this challenge and together we are the #sugarbusters. That is what I have been working on again. SugarBusting.

So far, so good. The scale is now moving in the right direction again.

That feels damn good.