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A few months ago when I went back to Weight Watchers, I noticed they had a couple of new workout DVDs on offer.  One was a balance ball workout and the other was a kickboxing-style workout.  Given I’m a total klutz not terribly coordinated when it comes to balance balls, I decided to pick up the kickboxing-style workout and give it a go.

The workout is called Punch!  The kit includes the DVD of three workouts (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), a pair of adjustable weighted gloves (in pink, how cute is that?!), and a 10 week exercise tracker.  So, it really is everything you need to get you going with a new workout routine.

As someone who has been doing home workout DVDs for years, I’m always a bit skeptical when I try something new.  You never quite know what you’re going to get when it comes to the quality of instruction.  There was no need to be skeptical about this workout though.  I thought it was great!  I found the instruction cues in the beginner workout to be really good.  The workout is built on gradually adding new moves into a sequence so by the time you are ready to perform the full sequence of moves, you’re very comfortable with them.  There are also plenty of modifications provided for those who need to stick to a low-impact workout.  (For those of you who have done the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs, you will probably recognize Kat who also appears in this DVD.)

The beginner workout is approximately 30 minutes, the intermediate is 35 minutes, and the advanced is 45 minutes.  The intermediate and advanced workouts build on the beginner workout.  They have many of the same moves, but are just performed either faster or with an extra bit of intensity/punch (pardon the pun).  The nice part about that is that you are building on what you already know rather than moving into a completely different routine which helps keep the confidence level high.

The  only real downside that I found with this DVD is that there are fewer instructor cues in the intermediate and advanced workouts because the assumption is that you’ve progressed from the beginner level.  So, my recommendation would be to anyone who decides to give this workout a try, definitely do the beginner workout a couple of times even if you are already at the intermediate or advanced level just to get the form cues and such.

Lastly, as anyone who does home workout DVDs knows, boredom can become a huge issue.  That’s why I like having several different titles to mix things up and avoid doing the same workout over and over again.  It not only helps prevent the boredom factor, but it also helps ensure that I’m getting a good variety of workouts to keep my body from getting used to doing the same thing over and over which helps make my workout time more productive.  Since purchasing this workout several months ago, it has definitely stayed in my regular rotation of workouts.  I think it’s fun and I get in a nice burn.  Overall, I give this DVD two thumbs up!

This workout DVD kit is available at Weight Watchers centers nationwide.  It retails for approximately $25.

Disclosure: I am reviewing a product I purchased and love.  The Sisterhood was not provided promotional product and were not monetarily compensated for this review.  As always, all opinions expressed are our own.

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