The March Project: #mbm – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I love having a secret code word game!

We love seeing people befuddled and asking “What’s #mbm?”

But even more than that, we LOVE watching you LIVING #mbm and in a good way!

We’ve said no to drive-thrus, we’ve walked instead of snacked, we’ve said no to those naughty cookies that husband was meanly  munching right next to us and we’ve made wonderful choices instead! We have seen you stand up to cravings! And to people who are trying to thwart our efforts to be healthier us! And we applaud you!!!!!!!!! And us too because we’re living #mbm too!

We’ve seen it but we want to hear what’s been behind those #mbm tweets. We want to know how hard or surprisingly easy or how many times you’ve seen the same culprit try to sneak in over and over again, and we want to know if the support on Twitter is helping you!

So post about it and link up below! We’ll be here all weekend when it gets reallysupercrazy tough and the choices are being thrown at you like BADA BAM! BADA BING! So tweet your little heart out when they pop up and you find yourself kicking butt!

We’re here and as we’ve seen all week, so are all your Twitter buds. Keep it going!!! #mbm!!! Oh, wait! You don’t know what #mbm is either? It’s right here! You can also find us on the ‘hood!

Ps. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention this funny little nugget. Many of you playing along might have noticed that there are some other people, non-shrinking jeans types of people, using #mbm. We hope that’s not deterring you from using it. It’s almost quite comical. Maybe we can even take it over. Buwahahahahaha!

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