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Why did the chicken cross the road?


I have become co-dependent on a very, very convenient chicken and it’s this one by Tyson. It’s the Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken.

I don’t think I can express to you in words how much I love it and how many uses I have given it over the past few weeks.

The description

It’s already grilled, it even has the grill lines and it’s already cooked. It takes 2 1/2 minutes to cook in the microwave, then another 30 seconds to chop up and throw in my delicious rice bowl for lunch. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. It is moist. It is a little sweet on some of the crispy edges, and above all, it is healthy protein fast.

It is such one of my very favorite things in the entire world.

It takes the guesswork out of lunch. It takes the guesswork out of dinner. It takes the guesswork out of a post-workout meal. It is a multifunctional convenient chicken and I love it.

What to make, what to make….

I have used it in delicious rice bowls (as I mentioned) and in chicken pasta with a low-fat cream sauce (yes, it is possible to have a low-fat low cal cream sauce!) or with vegetables, vegetable pasta and tossed with tomatoes and even as the star of the dish. I grab it, nuke it and dice it. And the children even love it. Lately my meals feel like they take 3 seconds to make (and less to devour.)

Have I mentioned it’s already cooked?! So I don’t even have to say, “Hey guys, be good for a while, Mommy’s gonna have chicken hands and won’t be able to help you for a while!” The chicken comes in fully cooked breasts, already diced up, or in strips. Or if you are in the mood for something else, perhaps, steak, it comes in steak strips too! Which are equally as yummy in quick and easy fajitas, which we also had! And there were not that many more calories in the steak than the chicken. FYI.

OK so I’ll give you a quickie lunch/dinner/post-workout recipe real quick from my trainer and then I’ll get onto the giveaway part mkay?

The Rice Bowl

For a 1 serving type of gal (or dude): 1 Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast 1  bag of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, Brown (you can use any instant rice, but this one in particular takes 90 seconds) Curry Mustard Sauce (1/2  cup lowfat mayo, 1 or 2 tsp yellow mustard, 2 tsp curry powder, mix)

Directions: Microwave rice, microwave chicken, mix in curry sauce, YUM!