True Confessions Tuesday! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time to confess! And what a good time to do it, for some of us who celebrate, it’s Lent! So confess away!
I’ll start it off.

I am tracking calories and I’m pretty hardcore about it right now on My Fitness Pal (my username is Christieo_7 if you want to friend me!)

It is awesome. It has an app for my phone too. It also gives me more calories to eat when I add in my exercise. So, my confessions are as follows:

  • I want to exercise just because it gives me more than 1,200 calories and 1,200 calories makes me want to eat my arm off just typing that.
  • I cannot stand food logging. But it is working.
  • “Shopping” is not in the exercise database. Darn.
  • Neither is yelling. Even though it feels like that takes a lot of energy.
  • We went to the Strawberry Festival over the weekend and even though it was a festival about a fruit, anything with the word “festival” in it is synonymous with “fried.” I had chicken fingers and french fries and a make your own strawberry shortcake.
  • I went over my calories that day.
  • I *think* I made up for it the next day. I will find out tomorrow.
  • The chicken fingers and fries did not make for a productive 17 mile ride the next day. What I eat really makes or breaks my performance and I always find that out the hard way.
  • I bought Tena Serenity pads (nicknamed “pee pads” for when I run) for $10 and got $10 back in CVS Extrabucks so they were free.
  • I had a bathing suit blowout this week in front of everyone. Oh, is this supposed to be about food?

I am trying hard to remain within my count and the one thing it does for me is make me feel in control even though I don’t like doing it. So my indiscretions are fewer and farther between because of it and that’s a good thing.

So give it up! What do you have to confess this week? Dish!

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