April 2011 Archives – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


OK! Let’s do a little bit of simple math, shall we? Today is Tuesday. We all love Twitter. Therefore, Tuesday + Twitter = Tworkout Day! Yay! If you’re new here, welcome! (If not, you know the drill!) Every Tuesday, we watch The Biggest Loser (or whatever TV show you want to watch) and we hop […]

Normally my true confessions posts consist mainly of embarrassing choices regarding food. Today, I’m going a different direction. I’m going to talk about my feelings. Buckle up. I’m pregnant and emotional and its not pretty. In less than three weeks, unless baby decides to come early, I will be a mother of two. And truthfully? […]

Say hello to Tracie, she was chosen by Trish for the spotlight this week! Congratulations on your awesome 5K time last week, girl! That is an awesome accomplishment! Name: Tracie Blog: Blissful Bedlam Twitter: @mom2teebee Age: 34 Hometown: Blackwood, NJ but I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA and still consider that “home” Tell us […]

I only allow myself to have the “real thing” alfredo sauce quarterly (although lately it’s been maybe twice a year now.) But for every day, I’ve drummed up something that is a very, very close second — minus the guilt. I give you: My Alfredo Sauce. Oh sure the real thing has that smooth buttery […]

Using random.org our winner is #10 Bari F. Congratulations girl. Email me and I’ll tell you how to claim your prize. I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, we are still waiting for spring. It keeps making little appearances, but keeps going away. It is supposed to be 37 degrees tonight. […]

Good afternoon!!! Well, maybe it’s NOT so good, but I’m trying to be positive despite this horrible headache I have and the fact that I woke up to this: The really dumb thing is that we have gotten a few more inches since then!! **Our very own Lisa and Christy are participating in the ZOOMA […]

Ever had that horrible feeling you were stuck in a rut?  That feeling that you were just doing the same old thing you’ve always done, but nothing seems to be changing? That’s kind of where I’m at right now, and I know some others are as well due to conversations I’ve had on Twitter, Facebook, […]

{thanks, Bari, for bringing it to our attention!} With the finale of our Spring In2 Action challenge also comes the end of our 100 push-ups challenge! Are your arms leaner and meaner? Do you look like you could kick some serious butt? Or… maybe you fell a bit behind. Cough. Attacked by the funk like […]

Can you believe the Spring In2 Action challenge has come to an end? I know I can’t! Seems like time is flying by at a speed that makes my head spin around. I won’t make you wait for the final results any longer! Here are our Top 10 Shrinkers!! Top 10 Shrinking Buds* 8.31%    melissa […]

I have a question for you… Is there something that you can do now that you have lost weight? Something that you couldn’t do when you were overweight, but you’ve made enough changes that it’s a possibility now? For me, it’s wearing dresses. When I was overweight, I rarely wore dresses. When I did have […]

Today we’re bringing you a guest post from one of our favorite Sisters, Bari. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know her (which is highly unlikely if you’ve been around here for any length of time), please be sure to check out Bari’s blog – Live. Laugh. Run. Breathe. It’s taken me […]

Goooood morning! Look at you fine people! You have come to the end of yet of another challenge! Everyone take a second and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! How have you done with the 100 push-up challenge? I see all of your tweets and it looks to me like you […]

OK. Who all was at last week’s tworkout? I think it’s safe to say that we had a BLAST last week. If you weren’t there, well, WHY WEREN’T YOU?! It’s OK (mostly) just make sure you head on over to Twitter tonight at 8 p.m. Central and burn a few extra calories while you watch […]

It’s THAT day of the week.  You know the one where you come clean about the previous week’s transgression, successes, and/or struggles.  I mentioned in my heart to heart  last week that I have been struggling lately.  Life was stressful and so very crazy busy and at times sad, BUT we are done with the […]

Researchers have found that imagining eating a particular food resulted in people eating less of that food later. It might sounds counter-intuitive – if I describe a chocolate ice cream cone: rich, dark brown creaminess with lumps of fudgy brownie sprinkled throughout….kind of makes you want one more, doesn’t it? But what these researchers at […]