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Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month, Poetry Month, National Volunteer Month, National Humor Month, Eating Disorders Awareness Month, National Car Care Month (I might take advantage of this one!), and National Pecan Month?

Those are only just a few that I came up with in just a few short clicks.

Among the many I’ve found was that it’s also National Gardening Month! Now, I know that some of you are still in the snow (crazy!) and that some of us (me) are already in the 80’s (equally as nuts!) but guess what??  It is time to get to know our HERBS this month!

Our challenge this month is to GROW something. Now, we may not all have a garden, but we all have sunlight somewhere and hence a place to grow something (my mom has a great window herb garden which flourishes inside despite whatever weather is on the outside) so this month’s challenge is to grow an herb, a new herb, or if you ARE in the 80s and have a place to really grow something, perhaps  even a veggie! This is also a great challenge for people (like me) with a brown thumb! (Plants cower in my presence.)

Here’s what we’re asking for this month:

  • Grow an herb in a nice sunlit area. You can find lots of ideas of how to do this HERE. You can also buy any little ol’ herb at the grocery store and just merely keep it alive if you want, it doesn’t have to be from scratch.
  • Then take your new herb friend and incorporate it into your meals! Pick it, try it, invent something with it.
  • Spill all the details! Take pictures (lots and lots of pictures!) and tell us all about what you’re doing with your herbs (love it? hate it? kill it?) Post recipes about what you used it in, how your family responded to it, if your dog ate it, etc. And ya know what? If you want to grow a full-on herb garden or veggies, feel free!! (I once got an herb garden from my parents for Christmas and I killed it almost immediately. I still feel bad. Call this my redemption.)

We’ll link up on Fridays!

I’m excited about this project because I’m choosing BASIL! I have always always always wanted to have my own basil and not pay $3.99 for a bunch of basil that dies in a couple of days. From having my one basil plant, perhaps I’ll learn how to grow more! And maybe perhaps even branch out to OUTSIDE! The possibilities are endless!

What will you choose?

Go forth and grow something! Usher in the spring in your house! (Even if it’s not showing up outside!)

And ya know what? If you’re still living and choosing #mbm, last month’s project,  keep it up!

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