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April 19, 2011 By Lissa


Let’s get to this dirty business.

I have been a mess. Not giving a shit, depressed, you name it. I ended the last challenge at the same weight that I began it, which all things considered, was pretty much a success.

So, I know that I need to focus. I KNOW THIS. I do not want to stay fat, unfit, and feeling blah. I felt SO GOOD when I was on South Beach and consistently losing weight and dropping sizes. So what happened?

My friend challenged me (and YOU!) to a 30-day no sugar challenge. I accepted. I am going to do things a bit differently this time around to make it more feasible for me and my lifestyle. I was texting with another friend of mine and she was saying how she is going to try to eat clean for 6 days out of 7 and I think I am going to incorporate this into my first few weeks and see how it goes.

My plan? Phase 1 of South Beach, 6 days a week. One day a week, I will allow myself to venture out of the box (read: NOT GOING CRAZY AND BINGING). I will have yogurt, fruit, moderate bread or of the likes on that one day. The other six days a week, I will be strict and sugar-free.

Knowing I was starting this on Monday, I ate everything I could all weekend long. How stupid is that. I was UP SIX POUNDS from last Wednesday. Shit.

Day 1 was yesterday, and it went perfectly. Well, as perfect as it can when you want to eat everything you see and gnaw your own foot off.

Am I exercising?

Kind of.

The sickies won’t remove themselves from my house. I have one child home with strep and I am still battling the sore throat/yuck off and on each day, too. I did manage two training runs last week, and a class at the gym.

I am still fundraising for mah clean water project, you know, if you want to throw some money into the pot. Or maybe you have no money to donate but you want to help me out by featuring a button on your blog or linking to it on FB and Twitter?! I will love you forever. Really.

I’m done begging for today.

Hopefully, next week will be good confessions only!