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It’s THAT day of the week.  You know the one where you come clean about the previous week’s transgression, successes, and/or struggles.  I mentioned in my heart to heart  last week that I have been struggling lately.  Life was stressful and so very crazy busy and at times sad, BUT we are done with the month of March and life is beginning to settle into a new normal, or something like that.  So here go my confessions for the past week…..

  1. I ate half a bag of Cheddar and Sour Cream chips yesterday, by myself.  I could have eaten the whole thing, but I was *sharing* with my kids.  I try to stay away from purchasing this stuff because it’s like food crack for me, but I am getting close to my *friend* visiting and my chip adoration always goes up the week before that happens.  BTW, whoever coined the term *friend* for our monthly visitor?  She is NOT a friend of mine, lol.
  2. Last week, I ran….. a lot.  I did a 10 mile run on Monday, 2 miles on Wed and 7.13 miles on Saturday.  I will run again tomorrow and then my next half marathon race is Saturday.  As in, just a few days away.  I have been thinking a lot about this race.  My training was going so well until March 1st hit and then it went downhill because of all the life craziness that happened and continued to happen through March.  I know I will complete the 13.1 miles on Saturday but I am coming to terms with the fact that it will not be the race I thought it would be, and actually, wanted it to be.  I have lots and lots of thoughts on this- it may have to be a separate post.  I am trying to be OK with this and revel in the fact that Christy is joining me and Ann, too.  I will have my family waiting for me at the finish line.  I will be getting to do something I love to do.  I just need to be OK with the fact that I cannot control LIFE sometimes and that I just have to roll with what was given to me…..and be OK with a possible slower time than my last half.  I want to be able to say “It’s OK, you will rock and roll and have a good time”.  I am already looking for another half to do in May to redeem myself- shhhhh….don’t tell anyone.
  3. Yoga is my new fitness love.  True story.
  4. My two boys and I are all hot-natured, as in our bodies run hot and we like it cold in the house.  My husband and my daughter are the opposite.  Random, I know.
  5. I’m ready for the Summer to be here so that I don’t have to tote (translation: taxi drive) my kids here, there and everywhere.  I am so READY for the different pace of Summer!

That’s it for me folks.  It’s your turn now!  Have you been MIA lately?  Now’s the time to jump back in it and tell us what you’ve been up to.  Post your link in the comments- woot woot!!!!

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