Weekly Check-in – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hello hello!

We’re in between challenges but that doesn’t mean you should let your *eating right, living right* goals fly out the window.  We still want you to check-in, weigh-in, or whatever you wanna call it.  So yeah, go ahead and step on the scale and share the good news with us!  Also, I want you to tell me ONE thing you are proud of from this last challenge (or if you’re new- one thing you are proud of from the last month).  It can be fitness-related, health-related, good choices-related or even non-related. 

Really, I want to know cuz I’m nosey like that.

So hurry up chop chop.  Time’s a wastin’.  Leave your blog post link below and make sure to continue to check in because we will have details about the new challenge posting soon (challenge will start May 1st).


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