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Our lucky winner selected by random.org is #18. Congratulations go to Colormeroo!! Email me your mailing info and I’ll get it sent off to the good people at Quantum.

Do you ever spend any time thinking about “what if”? Recently, that is just what I did and I came up with some surprising answers.

What if #1……What if I truly put my all into my workouts? I have been working out for a little over two years now. I became a contributing writer for Shrinking Jeans in January. I thought this might be the time to kick start my workouts. Time to stop going through the motions and really “work” my way through the workouts. I joined boot camp and zumba and truly started working hard.

What if #2….What if I really tried to eat right all the time? I had become the queen of “tomorrow”. I’d do fine for days in a row and then I’d mess up. Instead of eating the one bad thing and moving on from there, I’d eat bad for the rest of the day and start over tomorrow. I know, dumb! I decided to join Weight Watchers. I thought if I had to keep track, I’d think more about it. What I found was that I really didn’t like Weight Watchers much and I wasn’t getting very good results. Some of the girls at the gym were doing My Fitness Pal, so I decided to try that instead. An added plus was that My Fitness pal is free.

I found some awesome conclusions to my first two what ifs. Did you know that if you work really hard on your workouts, you get results? Go figure. I thought I was working hard before, but I had no idea. Having instructors that tell you what to do and how to do it makes a huge difference. I had no idea that this old out of shape body could do the things it is doing now.

What if #2 wasn’t a huge surprise, but I learned that I do better with support. My Fitness Pal and I are a good fit. I have logged in for 45 days in a row now and I am consistently losing weight. The girls from my classes are so supportive and my instructors are awesome. I still mess up now and then, but I make the mistake and move on. I don’t let the whole day go to hell and start over the next morning.

I have one more what if for you. I hate the scale. I think a lot of you do too. I hate seeing that number and having it go down so slowly. I know that they say if you lose it slowly, it will stay off, but I still hate seeing it. So I got to thinking. What if I didn’t worry so much about what the scale said and thought more about how I felt and how my clothes were fitting?

Enter the wonderful people at Quantum Scales. They have the most impressive new scale that I have ever seen. It’s like they read my mind. This scale only tells you losses and gains. No weight to look at and be upset about.

The Quantum Scale makes you want it to be weigh in day. It provides the motivational boost we can all use for encouragement. It actually helps to promote a positive attitude and self image that grows stronger each time you step on the scale. I also find that the stress factor of weighing myself has changed. Somehow not seeing the number and just seeing + or – makes it easier.

Now comes the really fun part of this post. Quantum Scales wants one of you to experience this feeling. They are giving one of you a scale just like mine. All you have to do is leave me a comment about how you think this will help you and I’ll pick a winner next Saturday May 7th.

Contest ends on Friday, May 6th at midnight PT. One winner will be chosen at random by the Sisterhood. US winners only.

Disclosure: I was given a Quantum Scale to review and received no compensation. Quantum Scale is providing the giveaway as well as shipping. As always, our opinions are our own.

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