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The theme from Fitbloggin’ that resonated with me throughout the conference was: Be Real. Being true to yourself, your story, your successes, and even your struggles.

CLICK sponsored Melissa and I at the conference, and we had such a great time CLICK’n with so many great bloggers! Thank you CLICK for helping us get there and keeping us fueled with your Espresso Protein Drink!

Seven things I want to tell you about Fitbloggin’ 11:

  1. Roni Noone. If you aren’t familiar with her, get to know her! She’s the genius behind Fitbloggin’, and in it’s second year, I cannot give her enough kuddos for pulling off the damned-near impossible. The venue was amazing, the food was great, all-day coffee made me happy, the sponsors were top-notch, and the smoothness everything ran with did not go unnoticed. As a prior conference planner, I know how hard it is, and she made it look easy! Thank you Roni!
  2. The bloggers. I saw so many people I already know and love, so many more I’d been dying to meet. The love, support, and instant kinship was palpable. I cannot describe the amazing feeling of being surrounded by so many like-minded, supportive people. Look for a post soon on the fantastic people we all met and loved!
  3. New Balance & Jennifer Keddy (and her team!) are the bomb. They gave every attendee of Fitbloggin’ a pair of Award Winning 890 running shoes – the lightest neutral running shoes in their class, AND a sweet ass pair of running capris – Go 2 Capris. My thighs have never felt so sexy in running tights, and with that price tag, I can afford to buy a few more pairs! The shoes are like wearing little clouds on my feet, and I cannot wait to run in them!
  4. The Fitbloggin’ 5K was great! While it’s more of a casual 5K (no chip-timing or finish lines!), it is one of the most enjoyable races ever. Seeing so many people of so many abilities running together, cheering each other on, the high-fives, the love. It was empowering. It was also hilarious to see Thea running in a tutu. I’m just saying. And yes, I forgot my tutu, but quickly improvised and made one out of tissues!

  5. The swag. It was awesome. There was a lot of it, including awesome hats from iBeani – they have hats & head bands (woot!) with built in speakers compatible with all of your music players! Seriously awesome.
  6. The sessions & speakers. I wish I could have attended all of them. The line-up of speakers was mind-blowing. So many greats! With three sessions at each time slot, it was so hard to choose which ones to attend. In true Sisterhood fashion, we chose to divide and conquer! We’ll be sharing more on our thoughts from the Sessions at Fitbloggin’ later in the week!
  7. SPEAKING! Yes, I was a speaker on a panel at Fitbloggin’. It was my first time in a speaking situation, and I had nerves equivalent to running my first 1/2 marathon. Being on the panel with @juliejulie from Chubby Mommy Running Club; and Kate Brown (@dailyburn), community manager of the Daily Burn, was amazing. I enjoyed every moment of our brainstorming sessions, and when it came time to hit the stage, I looked out and saw a huge crowd. Once I got past the shaking and found my voice, it was amazing. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support me. Looking out and seeing a sea of smiling Sisterhood faces gave me the boost of confidence I needed to succeed. Isn’t that what we’re all about here at the Sisterhood?

If you were at the conference and would like to share your Fitbloggin’ recap, link up below!

WIN IT! Just because you couldn’t go to Fitbloggin’, doesn’t mean you can get some sweet SWAG. Leave a comment below and tell us what you did this weekend to be entered to win! The contents will be a surprise, but I will say there’s some sweet stuff in there!

Contest will run through Friday, May 27th at 11:59 Central time. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced the following day! Good luck!

Disclosure: We received free swag at Fitbloggin’ and we want to share with you! Opinions are ours!

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