May 2011 Archives – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Goooood morning! How are you all? I am so happy to see that so many of you are off to such a great start at achieving your goals for this challenge! We were only 3 days in on our first check-in yesterday and WOW! Give yourselves a big pat on the back! Are you ready […]

Many of you who know me wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that every time I think of the word “try,” I think of the word, “tri.” It’s because “tri” to me, is the epitome of “try.” Not to everyone, just to me. I feel that way because the first time I ever raced […]

Good morning!! How are you? How is it going? While we haven’t had a full week of tackling May OUR Way yet, we are now 3 days in! Are you sticking with your goals? Having fun getting to know one another? We had our inaugural SisterChat on Monday night at the ‘hood and I have […]

Happy Tuesday, folks! I hope everyone has had a great start to their week! Thanks to all of you who joined us at our SisterChat over on the ‘hood last night! If you didn’t join us, you definitely should next week! It was a lot of fun! Now, tonight, I expect to see everyone at […]

I confess, I clearly need paid accountability to keep myself on track with my weight loss efforts.  One would think after losing around 70 pounds that I could do this on my own.  Yeah, not so much apparently. I confess that last week I toyed around with the idea of giving up my Weight Watchers […]

Hmmmm. Something new is going on here on at the Sisterhood! It’s Mantras in May. Huh? Now to be honest, I had to google Mantra before I started writing this post. Yeah sure, I’ve heard the word before, I’ve even used the word. Several times. But I needed to google it anyway, because if I’m […]

As I sit here and look out my window and see the blowing trees and the white stuff covering the ground {again}, I am finding it really hard to believe that today is May 1st. I have double and triple-checked my calendar, and it assures me that it is indeed, the first day of May. […]

You may have noticed that there was no spotlight last week. Cough. That was entirely my fault, as I forgot to send the info to the chosen one until, oh, Saturday night. 🙂 Tracie chose her partner-in-crime during the last challenge, Tami, as the next sister to be spotlighted! Name: Tami Blog: This Mom’s Delight […]