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You may have noticed that there was no spotlight last week. Cough. That was entirely my fault, as I forgot to send the info to the chosen one until, oh, Saturday night. 🙂 Tracie chose her partner-in-crime during the last challenge, Tami, as the next sister to be spotlighted!

Name: Tami
Blog: This Mom’s Delight
Twitter: @mymadakaja
Age: 34
Hometown: Pryor, OK

Tell us about your family.  I’ve been married 15 years to my hubby, Matt.  We have a teen son and a tween daughter.  We have grown a lot since our beginnings together.  God has truly blessed us!

What is your favorite workout? Oh boy!  I hate exercising.  However, once I get started, I’ve found that I feel so good — a rush goes through my body and I feel accomplished!  I’d say my EA Sports Active 2 that my hubby got me for Christmas.  I haven’t been faithful to the program, but it’s definitely proved itself when I have used it.  I have a variety of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and she is my favorite fitness instructor!

Have you set any goals for this year? I did!  To lose all the excess weight by the end of the year and to be able to run with my son once around the track!

Who is your best support in your healthier-living journey? Although there are so many encouragers here at Shrinking Jeans, my two best supporters are Tracie and Brooke.

Favorite songs on your iPod right now? Hmmm, Not sure of the names, but I like to listen to Black Eyed Peas and Selena Gomez while I walk.

Who or what inspires you? Who: Tracie’s commitment to her own weight loss has really motivated me to keep trying ’til I get my weight to where I want it.  What:  The visual I have of being a smaller size and being confident in my own body!

Do you have any must-have health/beauty/clothing products? The EA Sports Active 2 because it tracks calories burned and heart rate!  Also, healthy snacks and meals PRE-PLANNED in your day!

Name 3 blogs you love to read!

My daily visits are The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, Women Living Well Blog, and Money Saving Mom.

5 things we don’t already know about you!

Maybe you do know, but here goes:

*I have PCOS, which didn’t affect my fertility until after I was blessed with two kiddos.  Two years ago, I got pregnant unexpectedly and miscarried.  It was the hardest thing to secretly want another baby so badly and be given a glimpse of hope and it be taken away just as quickly. *I work outside the home, and I hate it.  I’d love to design web pages or blogs.  However, I don’t know how to get started, so I’ll stick with the job that has a secure monthly income. *I am adopted.  Well, partially.  My mom’s second husband adopted me and he’s the only dad I’ve ever had (and a great one at that)!  As an adult, I’ve come to know my biological siblings and altogether — full, half, & adopted — I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters. *I love paper-related products!  I am easily entertained with a book, a new set of stationery, or some new pens!  My dream job as a kid was to have design my own stationery!

*I never ever ever dreamed I would be fat.  All through school, I was skinny.   When I got a job, I bought things we never had at home — soda and fast foods — and slowly put on the pounds.  I am 56 pounds overweight and so badly want to say good-bye to it!

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