The Saturday Review: Race Day Tutu

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (A night race!) I made this one.

You may or may not know this about me: but I race wearing tutus.

Not in triathlons because that would take too long in transition but in road races where there are no costume changes along the way.

Disney 26.2 in wings and tutus! Not a night race, just super early. Also I bought this one for $1.

Yes I love tutus and knee highs and everything that will allow me to have a grand old time on a long run course.

13.1 miles or longer, you will find me in a tutu.

Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon: Team In Training with Team Shrinking Jeans last year! I made this one.

They’re surprisingly easy to run in, too!

They’re cute and sparkly and they’re light and they give you a nice wide buffer between you and the next runners around you. Your tutu requires that people give you space and that’s a nice added effect I didn’t expect when I raced the first time.

Also, you become a pacer for other people! Lots of people wanna keep up with the tutu! After the Disney Wine & Dine, two dudes came up to me and told me I paced them the whole way which was nice! Because I pr’d that race! (And then I promptly ran to the bathroom and for the rest of the night could not partake in the Wine or the Dine aspect of the race. But at least I looked better than I felt!)

The tutu also, ahem, hides things that might be going on under the tutu and if you have to make an unexpected pit stop in some bushes at the Disney Marathon, then it provides an outside barrier between you and the world.

Quite frankly I don’t see why everyone doesn’t run in a tutu! Just kidding. I know they’re not for everyone but I love dressing up, I’m a Halloween person and at my sons’ birthday parties I’m  known to dress the theme. I have no shame.

Now that I’ve reviewed the race day tutu, I’m going to show you how to make the race day tutu. Or a tutu for everyday/whenever. Or a tutu for the little women in your life, either one. First, here’s my Video Tutorial! Yes! A vlog! So enjoy!!

When I made my first tutu, I need to actually see someone tying the tulle on, so that video is of me showing you how to make one. If you are perfectly capable of reading instructions and executing, here is how to make a tutu:

NOW. Do you dream of running in a tutu? YOU DO??!! Guess what? See that purple one in the video that I am in the process of making?

I am giving that one away! For just a comment below! And I will draw the winner from Fitbloggin!

All you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment telling us whether you’d love to run in a tutu (or not).
2. For an extra entry, retweet this giveaway!
3. For an extra entry, follow or subscribe to Shrinking Jeans!
4. Finally, for another extra entry, post this giveaway on Facebook and tag us.

You need to leave a comment below for each entry (although only the first one is mandatory!) Contest closes at Midnight Eastern time Friday morning, I will draw the winner Friday during the day!

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!


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