the uncreative, untitled weighin post – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


May 11, 2011 By Lissa

Another week come and gone! Hard to believe it’s mid-May already! Craziness.

Last week, I was in a complete funk, and I will admit, I went a little lenient with the sugary-goodness called candy. I shook myself out of it by Monday, though, and am feeling good as I have made it through those horrible first few days of  being “good”. I have managed to abstain from any evening snacking this week -which is huge for me!

I am a little nervous about going to Baltimore for Fitbloggin’ next week, I am not anywhere near the size or shape I had envisioned myself being at this time. I know, it’s stupid to think like that, but who doesn’t? I will, most likely, weigh less than I did last year, though, so I guess that is a small victory, no? Plus, when I roll into the hotel and see all my amazing friends and Sisters, I’m pretty sure no one will give a shit anyway.

My allergies are kicking my ass today. That has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would put that out there.

My 1/2 marathon training has been sucking. That is not going how I envisioned, either. I came really, really close to giving up this week. So close. I can’t get it together with the training OR the fundraising. I think I’ve been able to shake myself out of the gloomies and am realizing that I will JUST DO IT. One foot in front of the other for 13.1 miles, and every dollar I raise is a dollar that wasn’t there for the villages previously. Right? That said, I still having a giveaway on my blog. {YOU DON’T NEED TO DONATE OR BUY ANYTHING.} Simply share a link to the post on FB, Twitter, or you blog. That’s it. Easy. Two winners.

My kids have been driving me a little crazy lately. I feel like a screamy, impatient, grumpy momma lately. It most certainly has nothing to do with the fact that my husband has been home for four? days in the last 5 weeks???? Ack. I just keep telling myself relief is in sight, relief is in sight… one more week, leaving on a jet plane.

Oh, and for my stats…

last week: 213.6

this week: 214

next week: 209 ;p