Who is ready for a Tworkout? – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Happy Tuesday, my friends! For all of you Biggest Loser fans, tonight is the finale, which means we’re going to have a blast watching while we tworkout. For all of you who don’t watch The Biggest Loser, you’re still going to have a blast tworking out with us, yes? Yes.

If you’re new to the Sisterhood, a Tworkout is where we all hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and we workout while we watch TV. (Get it? Twitter + Workout = Tworkout?) It’s a ton of fun torturing you guys burning a few extra calories while watching our favorite shows, so join us!

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. 1 min run in place, 1 min frog jumps, 1 min jumping jacks

2. Chair dips, as many as you can do

3. Squat hold, 60 seconds

4. 15 burpees (I know these are ya’lls favorite!)

5. Surprise exercise of my choosing! (If you’re doing the tworkout on your own, do your favorite exercise.)

6. Russian twists, let’s see how many you can do.

7. Stretch

As always if you want to follow along on TweetGrid, go here!

See you there!