Burst into Summer: June 22nd Leaderboard!! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Thank you all for patiently waiting for me to bunker down for the night and get the leaderboard finished! I’m in Montana… almost home! 🙂 I am deathly tired and hope I am making sense.

I am excited to say that the Top Shrinking Team this week had ALL FIVE members check-in! Not many teams can say that!

These members belong to TEAM 9! They lost 2.25% of their total weight this week! Whoa!

Congrats to:

Ashley L
Cheryll C
Heather A.
Nalonni M
Susan M

The other 9 teams rounding out the Top 10?

1.61% TEAM  5 1.50% TEAM 24 1.35% TEAM 6 1.24% TEAM 8 1.22% TEAM 13 1.05% TEAM 22 1.01% TEAM 25 0.99% TEAM 31

0.98% TEAM 4