Burst Into Summer – Week One – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


June 22, 2011 by heather

Not that I wasn’t expecting it, but this week was challenging. I’m still working on fussy baby issues, which led me to drop dairy. The first week earnestly trying to lose weight and I’m thrown for a nutritional loop. The good news is I *think* going dairy-less is helping baby’s tummy. The bad news is that there is dairy in EVERYTHING. It’s forcing me to read labels very carefully – a good thing in reality, but a pain in the ass when I”m in the grocery store with a busy preschooler and a baby that may wake at any moment.

For instance, did you know that most store bought bread has dairy? And a lot of non-dairy creamers contain dairy? Dairy is hidden in a lot of foods under pseudonyms like whey protein, casien and hydrolysates.

Dairy is a cunning little bugger.

I find that I’m resorting to meat, rice, beans,  rice milk fruit and veggies. If I stopped there I’d be fine. But both pretzels and jelly beans are dairy free as well. Oops.

I did manage to find a non-dairy creamer that is totally dairy free. Cause I need coffee. Taking coffee away from anyone is mean…taking coffee away the mother of a newborn is all sorts of evil. (P.S. Light coconut milk is awesome in coffee too).

As far as excercise goes, I got two good walks in this week, pushing a stroller with about fifty pounds of child. And I did lots of pacing and rocking. I’d like to get some strength training in, but I’m guessing my 12 pound baby will help tone my arms for now.

So, this week, I am 192, down two pounds. I was actually hoping for more, but if I can consistently drop two a week, I’ll be really happy.

Hope everyone else had a great week!!