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So I’m watching my BFF’s kids this weekend (plus my own three) and have been oh so busy tending to them, taking them to birthday parties, taking them swimming, refereeing a disagreement here or there, cooking, cleaning, attempting to finish my defensive driving course (doh!), exercising, working with my husband on the design part of building our dream home, AND preparing for our trip to the beach. 

I am one busy exhausted mama, I tell you!

All that to say that I do not have an original recipe to share with you.  OK, I lie.  I do have a few recipes to share with you but no pictures. 

I have been eyeing these particular recipes for a while and I have the makings for ALL of them so um, yeah, we are going to have so yummy, delicious, fresh meals prepared this week.  SCORE.

Without further adieu, I share with you the awesome-ness, goodness that will be wafting from my kitchen very soon here.

An oldie but goodie…….Southwestern Corn Salad. Oh this salad is the perfect combination of black beans, corn, avocado, cilantro, bell peppers, jalapenos and lime juice.  Oh gosh, my mouth is salivating already.  Although this is technically a side dish, I could eat it as the main dish.  Put it on a corn tortilla, or use as a “dip” for tortilla chips, or use a spoon- any way you choose to eat it will be the right way. 

Next up for the week, a Strawberry Margarita Salad.  The name says it all, doesn’t it?  My kids love love love freaks lucky me salad and strawberries and I love the flavor of margaritas so this salad seems like a win-win for our family.  Yum!

The next one is just screaming at me to make it already.  It’s not really a recipe per see.  While we were at Costco last weekend, we got to taste Aidell’s Teriyaki Pineapple Meatballs.  My kids LOVED them and when I let them pick ONE from that huge, giant store for me to buy for them, that is what they chose.  While they are a little high in sodium for my likes, we’re going with it and will just drink more water to flush that bad sodium out of our system.  I am going to make Meatball Shish-Kabob, using fresh pineapple chunks and all colors of the bell pepper family, served on top of a bed of rice.  See?  It’s screaming at me to fire up the grill right this very second and get to *cooking*.

Do me a favor……go check out these recipes, you won’t be sorry.  And, share with me ONE recipe that you’ll be whipping up this week that excites your palate.  I am ALWAYS looking for new inspiration!

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