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This week’s Sister Spotlight is Becca W. of Tribe Green fame from back in the Shrinkvivor days!

Name: Becca W.
Twitter: @fabulousbecca
Age: I’m 21 every year… j/k I’m 29, headed towards the big 3-0!!!
Hometown: currently Austin, TX (born and raised in Houston though)

Tell us about your family: I have the most wonderful and supportive parents, and an awesome younger brother.  They all reside in Houston and I go to visit them whenever I can.  My mom makes a huge effort to cook healthy and I always really appreciate that when I go home! My dad supports my healthy eating by going to a wholesale store and buying me GIANT boxes of fresh fruit whenenver I go home for a visit.  My brother never hesistates to encourage me on my weight loss journey.

What is your favorite workout? I really love the 30 Day Shred.  I also love to dance so taking dance classes is a MUST!  Also teaching others dance routines is super fun and I get to burn calories without even really thinking about it!!!  I also joined a bootcamp and it’s been INCREDIBLE!!!  Challenging yet fun! What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? Well it’s been a fabulous year.  I’ve lost 30 lbs and I was voted “Teacher of the Year” at work.  I’m very happy with that but my biggest life accomplishment was graduating from a 2 year Bible Truth & Church Service Training College in California a few years ago. Have you set any goals for this year? As for weight loss, I would like to lose the remaining few pounds that I need to lose to be at my “goal weight”.  I’d also really like to build muscle and stamina and I’d love to run my first half marathon. I’ve never been very athletic but I’d like to be.  There are so many sports out there I’d like to try and always have been to scared to…until now 🙂 Who is your best support in your healthier-living journey? I don’t know what it was about the Green Team in the Shrinkvivor contest, but I know I would not have been able to lose weight without their support.  We’ve still stayed in touch and I am always encouraged to hear about their progress.  I am also very thankful to have a lot of friends and coworkers who support me on a daily basis, whether it’s complimenting me, or giving me words of encouragement. Favorite songs on your iPod right now? My favorite cardio workout music would have to be Katy Perry and P!nk.  Girl power!  As for cooldown, I like listening to Coldplay and Keith Urban. Who or what inspires you? I always get inspired when I watch “The Biggest Loser”.  I realize that losing weight is only half the battle.  You always have to deal with the mental and emotional battle that comes along with it.  Seeing the contestants go through the same things as me inspires me.   I know I am fighting this battle everyday and one day I will win. Do you have any must-have health/beauty/clothing products? I MUST-HAVE New Balance sneakers, says my podiatrist. lol  My plantar fasciitis kills me without my New Balance shoes.  They are super pricey but totally worth it for the comfort and the suppport.  They go perfectly with the double thick powersox.  I also love Murad’s Clariying Cleanser…perfect for after a workout!!!  Also, gotta have a Nalgene water bottle with a flip top to stay hydrated 🙂 Name 3 blogs you love to read! oh gosh, just 3?! Ann’s blog, Mary’s blog, Heather’s blog (Had to support my green team girls… I love the others blogs too but I didn’t have their addresses on hand) 5 things we don’t already know about you. 1) I’m a vegetarian now 🙂  Why people always ask?  I dunno.   Just because I want to be.  Why can’t that be a good enough answer? 🙂 2) I weigh a LOT more than I look.  I guess I’ve always been lucky that I’ve been able to hide that extra 25 lbs that nobody ever seems to be able to know about when they guess my weight.  People are usually floored when I tell them my REAL weight.  lol 3) My two weaknesses are Shipley’s donuts and Pizza Hut pizza.  Please don’t ever stick those two in my face or my willpower will disappear!!!  hehe 4) I’ve always wanted to be a director either on broadway or for the movies.  This is one of those dreams I never could never realistically go after because I knew in my heart that this was just not for me.   To compensate for this, I write a lot of plays and songs and I take all opportunities to direct plays or musicals when I can.  Anyone who knows me, knows this is my passion! 5)  For some reason, my right eye is smaller than my left eye.  I never even noticed this until a couple years ago.  Anyone else notice this?  Mutant I guess!  lol  I bet you all are scrolling back to my picture to see if you can spot this.  Bonus points if you can! 🙂

Thanks Becca! We can’t wait to see who you chose for the next Sister Spotlight!

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