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I HATE ab work. I mean, I really seriously hate it. So, when I was at FitBloggin and saw that I could try out Jackie Warner’s Crunch Free Xtreme Abs, I thought, sure, why not?

Jackie gives us the choice of two work outs. In the Standing Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs, you spend 15 minutes (after a small warm-up) doing a series of core exercises using small hand weights (or the modification for those of you who are just starting out). After a quick cool down, you are done!

In the Floor Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs (also 15 minutes), you head straight to the floor on the warm-up. This is followed by a routing of floor core exercises using hand weights to make the exercises a bit more dificult. Again, for those who are just starting out, the weight isn’t use. (SPOILER FOR TWORKOUT-ERS! BURPEES!)

My guess is that you can choose which of the work outs you like better. Personally, I like the standing ab work. I feel like I am working multiple muscle groups with the squats and lunges that are incorporated with the core exercises. For me, the floor routine is too much like other ab videos that I’ve done (*cough, cough* P90X) in which I am cussing the trainer and exclaiming, “Oh, hell no!” when the next exercise is announced. What I also like is that the standing ab work is more like things I do on my favorite videos and they’re challenging without me feeling like I may never get up off the floor.  Of course, for the best results, alternating the routines would be best.

I really like how Jackie challenges the people in the video to challenge themselves. I notice when she does that, I tend to reach a little farther as well. My only real complaint with the video is the music, which is my complaint about most work out videos.

Even though I really hate ab work, I’m actually looking forward to adding this to my routine. It’s quick, not too hard and in 15 mins, you’re done! For that? I’ll put up with the music.

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