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It’s True Confessions time people, wakey wakey!

How have you been this week? Did you stick to plan? Did you fall off? Because whatever it is, fess it up, clean that slate and start over again fresh, mkay?

Here’s my story.

This past week, I’ve actually done ok. A couple of weeks ago my fridge died taking all the food inside of it with it. The week that happened was tragic, we were living out of a cooler and eating fast food until our new fridge showed up.  It was also the last week of school and we were all so busy I didn’t exercise either!

Fast food and no exercise, it was like the old days of yore, way back when! (I am thankful to say I cannot commit to that lifestyle ANYMORE!)

So that was not good.

When our new fridge showed up, it saved me. Literally. My body was very happy because I was able to go shopping and replenish the good stuff.

Now my fridge is bare except for good food. I like having a new fridge, it makes me want to only put good things in it!

Maybe I can coin “The New Fridge Diet”?

Because it gave me a chance to start over. I like that.

So this past week, I planned and ate everything I planned. On Sunday we went to Disney and I chose the healthiest sandwich on the menu (which wasn’t so healthy but it was better than the buffalo fried chicken slab sandwich that was on there) and some fries, but I said no to the Mickey ice cream that everyone else had. Oh, but later on I a burger and a shake. Oh well.


I have to go shopping again today but I am back on track with two races this weekend! So how did you do? Spill it! And if you blog about it, link it up in the comments below!

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