True Confessions :: An Ode of sorts (and giveaway) – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I remember one time, not so long ago

On Twitter, I heard some chatter to and fro

About a new snack, someone gave a tip,

and they were all loopy about something called popchips.

Whatever, I thought, I have a  favorite snack.

These, popchips or whatever;  they sound kind of whack.

Nothing can beat my favorite baked tortilla chips,

so forget, popchips, I will not like them Sam I am.

Then one day, I went to my grocery store,

and there at eye level, I saw popchips galore!

I walked by them two times. Or was it three?

OK, fine! I will try them! What really would it hurt me?

I opened the bag as soon as I got into my house

and I wasn’t even really quiet like a mouse

and OH MY GOD did I like what I tasted?

Why a great big smile on my face was pasted!

I have tried every flavor, and they are all so great.

I am so sorry that to the popchips party I was late.

Please forgive me dear popchips, you are my fav.

Forever and ever, about you I will rave.

So I sit here today and I confess to you,

Dear popchips, oh, how my love for you is true.