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We’ve been really into trying new things in our household this summer. So much so that we sometimes have trouble keeping up with what’s next. A huge part of that always behind feeling has to do with having kids, as any other parent will surely attest … they’re always running around wanting to do something.

That’s the great part of kids, to a child everything is new & different at some point in their life and trying it for the first time can be both scary and exciting.

To keep things fun and new we’ve been signing up my daughter for classes offered by our local park district. They help to pass the summer lulls and also get her out there with new kids experiencing new things.

Right now she’s in ballet, multi-sport, and basketball … I know basketball right? Hey, she sunk the ball the first few times she threw it so we figured what the heck, it’ll be fun.

There’s nothing more hilarious than a coach getting your 3 year old girl to shout “in your face” to another little kid after sinking a shot. Especially when your daughter talks at the pitch and volume of my little Abby, it’s priceless!

What if we all approached trying new things with the same fervor, excitement, and reckless abandon of a child?

What if we leapt at the opportunity to shoot hoops, bike around the block, do a plié, or play T ball?

How much happier and more excited with everyday life would we all be? Tired as well I’m sure but I bet we’d wear more smiles than frowns.

So what am I doing that’s new and exciting or with a new found excitement on this Try It Thursday?

  • Bootcamp — I’ve done many a circuit training session but I’ve never done a “bootcamp” until the Burst into Summer Challenge. Now I have several to work from and try out in my new New Balance Bootcamp Training Shoes. I’m really excited about those!
  • Foam Rolling — I’d never done it before until I picked one up a few weeks ago. What’s not to like? Happier muscles all the while rolling on a foam finger that my daughter likes to try to lumberjack balance on.
  • Swimming — Making the old fun again, I’ve been have a blast swimming lately. Whether it’s swimming with the kids or doing laps for my triathlon training I’ve been loving every moment of the time in the pool this spring & summer.

Those are just a few of the things I’m trying that are new or with a new found excitement, how about yourself?

Do you have something new you’re doing or with a new found fervor?

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