True Confessions – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


July 12, 2011 By Nancy

True and confession. You read those two words and you know you are kind of screwed. We are supposed to come here and truthfully confess what we have done wrong this week. I’m in trouble friends because I did a whole bunch wrong this week.

I went to one of my very best friends family reunion this past weekend. We had so much fun. But oh my heavens did we eat. This Polish girl was at a Mexican family reunion. A three day family reunion. Do you have any idea what kind of food they have at these things? It was like I died and went to heaven. Everything was homemade. There were enchiladas. I helped make 34 dozen of those yummy suckers. There was beans and rice and fajitas. There was Italian beef and guacamole and homemade chips. There was every salad known to man. A dessert table the size of a banquet hall. There was so much, I can’t even remember it all. There may have been some drinking involved and some shots consumed. The brunch buffet on Sunday was better than any restaurant I have ever been to. There was chorizo and eggs and hash browns. There were two kinds of breakfast casseroles. There was warm broccoli cheese muffins and bagels. There was pancakes and a beautiful fruit tray. All the leftovers from the day before were there too. Let me just tell you that now that I know how to make enchiladas, I’ll definitely be making them again. Those things you get in a restaurant…not even close! Now that you’ve read this and seen the size of this paragraph, I think you get the picture. It was so good, but I was so bad.

You’ve heard the bad, now here is the sad. I think I may be done with going to boot camp here. It is getting harder and harder to go. It is a long story, but I’ve become disillusioned by the class. I’m not the only one. The class size as really dwindeled down to a very small group. I’ve talked to several of the other people who have left and we all feel the same way. The bottom line is that you go to classes like this to better yourself and feel good about yourself. You are trying your hardest and that is a good thing. You shouldn’t leave there feeling bad about yourself. I didn’t like it when there were teachers pets when I was 6 and I don’t like it any better at 56. I’ll still be going to zumba I think. That’s a different instructor and so far is still the same.

Last but cetainly not least, I succumbed to the temptation of sweet tea vodka with lemonade. I’ve listened to you people talk about it and tweet about it since Fitbloggin, so I had to try it. Damn…you were right. It is good.

There it is…the whole ugly truth. There is good news in here somewhere. I did good on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. I plan on being good today. Maybe I have a shot at at least maintaining. It has been in the 90′s here with 4000% humidity, so I’m sweating constantly. That has to count for something. Plus, I’ve been stripping wallpaper in a tiny bathroom with no fan.

So Thea, I didn’t do any better than you last week. I guess we were just bad hookers together. Here’s to next weeks confession. Hopefully that will be a good one!