True Confessions – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


July 19, 2011 By Nancy

Oh my friends (you are my friends, right?), have I got some confessing to do. Let’s just go with bullet points.

1. At 3:25 this morning, I got up and ate a bowl of ice cream trying to cool off. It was that hot in my house.

2. There is a major heatwave going on in northwest Indiana and I am a wimp about it. The only real exercise I have done has been in the pool. When I have worked out there, I have worked hard. I am pretty darn sure that I have sweated off several pouinds this week.

3. I redid the front bathroom this past week. I removed old wallpaper and painted. I had to keep turning off the fan so I didn’t decapitate myself. I was sweating like crazy there too. Again, I think I lost some weight there.

4. We live in an old 1930′s home with hot water heat. Because we have no ductwork, we have no central air. My hubby doesn’t see the need to buy so many window air units, so we have a whole house exhaust fan and ceiling fans in most rooms. That is a huge embarrassing confession. To not have central air in this day and age is unheard of.

5. My eating has not been too bad because it has been too hot to eat. But we all know that not eating can be as bad as eating too much.

Okay that’s it. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I honestly think I lost weight. How’d you do this week? Is it hotter than blazes where you live?