Burst into Summer Challenge Check-in, July 13 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning, all!

It’s Wednesday, and not only is it hump day (am I the only one who giggles like a ten year old boy at that saying?) – it’s also the day where we say hello to our friend the scale.

How did it go? Are you still on speaking terms with Ms. Scale? Did you give her the stink eye? Did you kneel down and give her a kiss?

However it went, you know the drill…blog all about it and link up! We want to hear all about your week. Good, bad and ugly.

If you had a great week? High five, friend! You rock!

Not so good? Hugs and a huge kick in the tush. We love you, but get on with it already. We KNOW you can do it.  Rah rah!

Make sure you make the rounds and hit up your other sisters (and brothers) blogs. Everyone needs some bloggy lovin’.


Last week our mini-challenge was kicking fast food to the curb! How did it go? I am happy to report that we partook in NO fast food in this house last week. And believe me, I was tempted. When it’s 5:oo and nothing is defrosted for dinner and the baby is in full blood curdling scream mode (colic, oy vey) and the three year old is attempting to make his own dinner out of eggs and watermelon? It’s hard not to get in the car and drive to the nearest golden arches (and liquor store). My best weapon is a fridge full of fresh veggies and whole wheat pasta. I can usually cobble together something edible in ten minutes. That’s even faster than hitting the drive thru.

This week is a new challenge, and it’s one that I NEED, badly: for this week, SLEEP  7+ HOURS PER NIGHT (or go to bed one hour earlier). I have a two month old. Wish me luck.

To accomplish this goal, I need to:

  • Realize that being well rested is more important than catching up on housework. It can wait.
  • Go to bed without my iPad and leave the TV off. It’s amazing how much later I stay up if I’m stalking people on Facebook reading.
  • Get the baby to go to sleep when I say. If someone knows how I can do this, I’ll pay you a million dollars.

Do you have any other tips for getting more (and better quality) rest? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Don’t forget, New Balance is sponsoring this challenge, and that means the winners will get a new pair of New Balance Bootcamp Training Shoes. How sweet is that? To be eligible to win, your team will need to check-in EACH WEEK BY 9 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. No exceptions.

One last thing! If you want to join the challenge, make sure you register HERE first, mkay? You can join anytime!

Now get out there and burst into summer! Burst I say! (Not literally. That would be gross.)


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