Burst into Summer Challenge Check-in, July 6 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning bursting into summer-ers!

How are we feeling today? Have we hopped onto that scale this morning? (Was he/she your friend?)

I have to say my scale was pretty good to me but only because of ills that hath befallen our house, and though it’s definitely not my favorite way to lose 3 pounds,  it’s definitely a bonus, especially when it has sidelined me from working out. I hope, however, that you are all healthy and losing happily!

Go forth and blog about your week and let us know how you’re doing so far! There is still a LOT of time left to kick it up a notch so if it was a slow start, DO.NOT.FRET. Mkay?


Last week our mini-challenge was to get in your fruits and veggies! How did you do?? We were extremely successful in getting our 5 year old to LOVE sliced zucchini. So much so, he wanted to leave zucchini slices for the toothfairy for a snack, which he did, and which she loved (or so I heard.) This week is a new challenge, one that I am VERY EXCITED to partake in: for this week, NO FAST FOOD. What do you think? Too hard? Too easy? For me, it’s hard. But worth it.

In order to change this habit, I have to change other habits, like:

  • take our lunch to the pool for after swim lessons instead of driving through afterward
  • No Dunkin Donuts as a reward. No, not even Munchkins.
  • Being prepared for lunches in general, which means shopping.

Do you have any other tips for avoiding fast food? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Don’t forget, New Balance is sponsoring this challenge, and that means the winners will get a new pair of New Balance Bootcamp Training Shoes. How sweet is that? To be eligible to win, your team will need to check-in EACH WEEK BY 9 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. No exceptions.

PSSSST! If you want to join the challenge, make sure you register HERE first, mkay? You can join anytime!!!


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