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So rumor has it, there’s a pretty darn crazy heat wave gripping many parts of the U.S. Not that I’d know from experience, cause it’s not even breaking 70 here. Seriously. A guy actually added up the minutes over 80 degrees we’ve had this year, and it’s 78 minutes. Yes folks, Seattle has had 78 […]

This summer is flying by! I sure wish I could say the pounds are just flying off, too! You challengers are working hard and it shows! Team 20 has hung on to their lead for the second week in a row! CONGRATS!! They have lost 4.01% of their total team weight! NICE! Once again, a […]

We’ve all heard it time and time again:  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  In fact, some people say (Hey Ryan!) it’s THE most important meal of the day because, among other things, it stokes and fuels the metabolism for the entire day.  This is especially important if one is […]

Good morning, challengers! I’m so sorry the check-in post is late today, but hey! You get me two days in a row! Worth it, right? Hah! We are heading into our sixth week of this challenge! How are you feeling? Are you satisfied with the progress you are making? Is your motivation going strong or […]

Hello all! Is everyone having a good day? I bet I know something that will make it better! A Tworkout! Yep. That’s right! You know you want to! So, hop onto Twitter at 8p.m. Central and join us for a buttkicking good time! Today’s Tworkout: 1. It’s the 3 min dance party! Turn up your […]

How funny is it that I am finding myself writing this post today? Or is it just cruel? 😉 I *just* finished writing this post on my current state of mind, which pretty much clues you in to how I’ve been doing lately. Confession: I’m lost. Not the good kind of lost. Each day begins […]

Good morning Shrinking Bootcampers! Are you ready for another week of awesomeness?! Oh come on! Quit groaning and get to it. You’ll thank me (over and over and over, ha!) once you’re finished. Here’s the workout for Week 5. All three days are the same. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them […]

Name: Tracey Sanders Blog: one-more-minute.blogspot.com Twitter: @asoulm8 Age: 42 (43 in August) Hometown: Dover, DE Tell us about your family. My husband and I will have been married for 7 years in September and my son is going to be 5 in October. We live in Maryland about 25 minutes away from Annapolis, DC or […]

This has been a busy summer. No doubt about it. We haven’t had a free weekend since the middle of May and we don’t have one till the middle of August. I got up this morning and starting thinking about the day and what had to be done. We are going to the air show. […]

I’m taking a review of sorts, a review of me.  You see, I have become complacent these last few months, especially the last month.  There has been a beach vacation and then a lake vacation and lots of Summer activities.  I have the three kiddos home with me and my husband has been traveling for […]

It’s one thing for me to be bored, popping a squat on the couch and sticking my fingers into a bag of chips nice bag of measured out healthy almonds while chomping away mindlessly. (Of course it’s not a good habit to be mindlessly eating anything, but at least it’s me.) It’s quite another thing, […]

Another week come and gone! This week we find ourselves with a new leading team! These ladies have been working their tails off, lets give them a huge round of applause! {clap, CLAP} They are TEAM 20 and they have lost 3.44% of their total team weight! Wooooo! Jennifer H Karen W Mary H Nicole, […]

For years and years, I struggled with the stupid snooze button. I was a slave to it.  I never hit it just once. It was always more like 3 or 4 times, at least. I would end up setting my alarm for 30 minutes before  I needed to get up just so I could go […]

Good morning, all! It’s Wednesday, and not only is it hump day (am I the only one who giggles like a ten year old boy at that saying?) – it’s also the day where we say hello to our friend the scale. How did it go? Are you still on speaking terms with Ms. Scale? […]

Hi all! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m excited because it’s my favorite day of the week! It’s Tworkout day! In case you’re new, we all hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and work out together while we watch TV. It’s loads of fun and you burn a few extra calories, which is […]