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I’m taking a review of sorts, a review of me. 

You see, I have become complacent these last few months, especially the last month.  There has been a beach vacation and then a lake vacation and lots of Summer activities.  I have the three kiddos home with me and my husband has been traveling for work quite a bit and well, nutrition hasn’t been at the top of my list. 

I have been eating more, snacking at night more, drinking margaritas more, and all sorts of good bad stuff.

I have been maintaining some level of fitness, enough to keep me from ballooning up too much, BUT it’s been haphazard at best.

I feel like I am floundering and slipping down a slippery slope to no good.

What’s a girl to do?!

One, I took a look back at my Dear Self letter.   I reminded myself about all the hopes and dreams I had for myself for this year- to run a Spring half marathon and a Fall one too, to compete in two sprint triathlons and an Olympic distance once too, to stop obsessing about the scale and to just eat right, so on and so forth.  However, it was *this* paragraph that spoke to me most:

Lastly, but most importantly, I am here to remind you why you cried when listening to this song (referring to Kate Perry’s Firework song). “Baby you’re a firework, Come on let your colors burst….Come on, show ‘em what you’re worth”- it was these words that made you teary.  You know that you have been holding back a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully applaud your 2010 self for the wonderful physical strides she made, BUT you have SO much more in you to give.  You cried because YOU KNOW IT, TOO.

Lisa, 2011 is the year that you let your colors burst.  2011 is when you show ‘em what you’re worth….actually, 2011 is when you show YOUR SELF what you are worth. 

You are ALREADY the bad-ass athlete that you so desperately want to be- now you just have to believe it.

Yeah, I had forgotten about this for a while and it’s time to get back in gear and continue on my journey to being a bad-ass triathlete.  It’s time to get back to giving it my all and to feeling fantastically awesome about my fitness and mental game.  I NEED TO SHOW MYSELF WHAT I AM WORTH.

So what did I do?

I’ve been talking about it forever for a while now and finding all kinds of excuses NOT to, and finally, I bit the bullet and signed on the dotted line. 

I signed up for a race.  Specifically, a sprint triathlon race- the Tri Girl Sports Sprint Triathlon.  It’s on August 14th.  300yd swim + 11 mile bike + 3.1 mile run.

That is only 4 weeks away.  Nothing like a little pressure to get my ass back on track, huh?

It’s back to commitment, discipline and following a training plan for me.  I have a lot to figure out and learn in the next month.  Transitions, gear, buying a bike, getting bike ready, builder a stronger body yada yada yada….. all sorts of good stuff.  I am ready to remind me of what I am capable of doing and then to blow that out of the water!   

What about you?  Take a close look at how you’ve been doing this past year.  Are you where you expected to be?  Have you encountered any bumps in the road?  What’s holding oyu back from being who you want to be?  Please feel free to share in the comments section. 

Review, remind and get re-set if you need to.  That’s what I am doing.

Bring on the sprint, baby.  Bring it on.

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