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I love kitchen gadgets!  There, I said it.  Over the years, I’ve tried a plethora of different things: choppers, graters, zesters, slicers, etc.  You name it, I’ve probably tried.  Some work really well.  Others … yeah, not so much.  Even with that, I’ve never given up on my quest for the perfect gadgets.

Photo from Sur La Table

This just happens to be my latest kitchen gadget purchase.  It’s the Collapsible Mini Colander from Sur La Table.  This little gem has quickly found a place in my heart as one of my absolute favorite tools in the kitchen.  I LOVE it!

As you can see from the product name and photo, it is indeed collapsible which is a great space saver for someone like myself with a tiny kitchen since it folds down so compactly.   This collapsible feature is possible because the colander is made from silicon.  It also includes a lid for the base which is nice to snap-on after you’ve strained or rinsed your food but aren’t quite ready to use it.  It helps avoid that annoying little pool of water I always ended up with after rinsing fruit.  Now I can just snap on the lid and either set it on the counter or even put it in the refrigerator if it’s something I want to have chilled.  I don’t have to dirty up another container and don’t have to worry about it dripping either.  What’s not to love?!

This colander is perfectly sized for things like berries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc.  A pint of berries fits perfectly.  It would also easily accommodate a couple of small servings of pasta.  Since it’s made of silicon, it can easily handle hot foods as well.

The best part, this wonderful item also has a very reasonable price point since it falls into the “gadget” realm of kitchen tools.  I purchased this from my local Sur La Table store for $5 on sale a couple of months ago, but even the regular price is only $5.95.  If you don’t happen to have a Sur La Table store in your area, you can also order it via their website.  It comes in a variety of fun bright colors, so finding your favorite shouldn’t be a problem.

Are you a gadget collector?  If so, what’s your favorite?  Leave a comment below and share your kitchen gadget faves with us.

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