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This has been a busy summer. No doubt about it. We haven’t had a free weekend since the middle of May and we don’t have one till the middle of August. I got up this morning and starting thinking about the day and what had to be done. We are going to the air show. This requires food and coolers, sunblock and cameras. I decided to check my email before I got started. Sitting next to the computer is my list of scheduled Shrinking Jeans posts. In my head, my next post was July 28. Imagine my surprise when I realized I had a post due today.

My post today is supposed to be a recipe. I can do this. I have cooked so much in the last few months. We have had more parties than I can count and I think I have cooked for almost every one of them.

My favorite go to salad lately has been from Taste of Home. It’s a quick and healthy taste treat. It is there Antipasto Tossed Salad and it is really good. It travels well which has been a big help to me. You can find the recipe here.

That’s it from me. Sorry to be so quick, but I have 25 jalapenos to seed and stuff and coolers to pack. I need to be ready in 90 minutes and I’m still in my jammies. Hope you have a great day too.

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