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Sooooo, can we just pretend last week didn’t happen?

If you want to pretend that last week didn’t happen, please raise your hand.

(Patiently waiting to see if anyone else raised their hand)

Last week, my whole family took a little road trip to visit my husband’s family in Illinois. That’s about a 12 hour drive that we actually break up into two days. We spend the night in Cleveland area to give all of us the kids a break from the car.

It’s a lot of driving. And eating out. And not having control over the menu.

I posted the following tweet last Sunday night after we got to the hotel…

I ate entirely too much at dinner. And had three margaritas. And barely drank 30 oz of water today. #ifeellikecrap

And then I posted this tweet last Monday night after we got to my in-laws…

MIL just used terms “dinner”, “bacon fat”, and “Paula Deen” in the same sentence. #lordhelpme #sendtums

And that, my friends, was just the beginning. There was fattening food, a lack of very many fruits and vegetables, potlucks, bratwurst, ice cream, Mexican food, chips and salsa, ice cream, cheesy garlic bread, and foodfoodfoodfoodfood everywhere you looked.

And I’m telling you, I swear, I was GOOD. What I lsted above was what I ate when I was good. I made the healthiest choice possible whenever I could, but my options were limited. Sometimes the healthy choice was Deliciously Creamy Pasta Salad A or Deliciously Creamy Pasta Salad B.

At my in-laws, you eat fattening food, or you don’t eat. End of story.

I was able to control my breakfasts to a degree. But still…2% milk is not skim milk, no matter how much I will it to be so. Bagels the size of my head don’t shrink by me staring at them. It’s tough. The real story will be told on the scale tomorrow.

Did you fare better than I did last week? Link up to your confessions in the comments. Let it all hang out, baby!

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