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How funny is it that I am finding myself writing this post today? Or is it just cruel? 😉 I *just* finished writing this post on my current state of mind, which pretty much clues you in to how I’ve been doing lately.


I’m lost.

Not the good kind of lost.

Each day begins with the best of intentions… my eggs and bell peppers with coffee. You know, the menu that worked so well for me at the end of last year when I was rocking South Beach? But by lunch time, I start slipping. Mid-afternoon, it all goes to hell and I just don’t care.

Exercise has been sporadic at best since my 1/2 marathon in the beginning of June. I end each day saying, “Tomorrow, I will go to the gym.” Tomorrow comes and I’m still lost in the funk and I don’t go and then I feel even worse.

I could sit here and say that THIS post will be the end of my lackadaisical attitude, but then I would probably be lying and I don’t really care for lying. Oh.My. What’s a girl to do?

That was a nice Debbie Downer post now, wasn’t it?

So, enough about ME. How are YOU? How was your week? Blog about your confessions, good or bad, and leave the link below. Cuz we WANT TO KNOW.

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