True Confessions of Melissa {post 4th of July edition} – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


July 5, 2011 By Lissa

Ohmy. I am finally sitting in my own house. Seems like I have been gone for half the month or something. Wait, I HAVE BEEN. I am back, ready to get in my groove and focus, maybe even throw in a little exercise.

Which brings me to the confessing part… ugh.

I had 3 kids with birthdays this past week.

I made this:

and this:

and this:

{recipe will be posted separately. this is probably the only recipe safe to share on here.}

Kirsten and her girls came to stay with me in my hometown for the weekend and it was so nice to hang out and catch up with each other!

Sunday morning, we went grocery shopping for some health(ier) alternatives once Nancy told us she was going to buy Easy Cheese for the kids. I flat-out refuse to buy it. I have nothing against Easy Cheese, crap, I grew up on the stuff, but I can’t bring myself to actually purchase a can. We bought fruit, veggies, almonds, and salsa. An hour later, THIS shows up:

That is SIX CANS of Easy Cheese. SIX. {bangs head on wall}

I won’t even mention the cookies and other junk that came with it.

I did not have one squirt of the cheese. Not one. VICTORY.

The rest?

Not so much.

How was your weekend?