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Well, let’s see.  Today is Tuesday and I have lots and lots to confess, but I will try to stay on task.

  1. During the last 4 weeks, I have traveled FOUR times.  That means I have eaten four times as bad as one trip out of town.  My goodness.  I have had the vacation mindset for way too long.  Translation- too much food, too much drinking, too much late night snacking.  As of Saturday, I have cut out the late night snacking and the drinking and I am back to eating moderately.  Regardless, it might take a few months weeks to undue the damage.
  2. I finally signed up for my first triathlon.  Unfortunately for me, I did not really give myself a lot of breathing room for the training, think only FOUR weeks of training.  While I consider myself fairly fit, I am finding the training daunting and tiring.  My legs are sore every which way.  As I type this, I have one leg wrapped up and down in Arctic Ease- oh, it feels so good!  Also, I do believe that I will become intimate with my old, trusty foam roller once again. 
  3. I am weakest at the biking portion so I have been trying to *cram* in lots of biking and learning all that I can.  What I have really learned is that using clipless pedals is a true art form and one that I am not very good at.  While I have been *spinning* indoors on my own and with class instruction, I have only ridden my bike outdoors with wind and sun and hills….twice…..I have fallen twice….I have two very ugly bruises, one for each fall.
  4. Outside of the physical training, I am starting to get nervous about everything else that goes along with a triathlon race, as in how to *transition*, what to wear, how to pack my gear.  My tri guru’s keep telling me to JUST HAVE FUN and I promise, I will try my best to have fun come race day but right now, I am FREAKING OUT slightly nervous. I am kicking myself in the ass for picking a race with such a short lead time- what was I thinking?!  I just might have to buy myself a sparkle skirt to feel better, you know, to wear in the Fall Half Marathon that I have yet to register for.
  5. On a totally unrelated triathlon/health/fitness note, I am addicted to the reality show “Finding Sarah: From Royalty to the Real World” on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  I really like the show and set my DVR to record it every week.  Do you have any guilty pleasures?!

So now it’s YOUR turn.  What would you like to share about the past week?  Whip up a post, leave the link down below or if your strapped for time, leave your confessions in the comments.  Make sure to check out everyone’s posts and leave some comment love- let us know that you are reading!

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