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For years and years, I struggled with the stupid snooze button. I was a slave to it.  I never hit it just once. It was always more like 3 or 4 times, at least.

I would end up setting my alarm for 30 minutes before  I needed to get up just so I could go through my snooze alarm ritual.

Something had to change.

I thought about one of those clocks that bounces around until you turn off the alarm. Then I thought that it would last for about a day before it bounced itself right into the trashcan.

So then I tried to find an alarm that didn’t have a snooze button. Those are very hard to find. Most of the ones I saw were the kind with the bell on top and were battery operated. I’m a big fan of plugging my clock in so that I don’t have to worry about the battery running out at the wrong time.

Not to mention that the bell would have driven me insane. Straight to the edge. That one would definitely have ended up in the trash can.

After several online searches for a new product I had to purchase, yet continuing to struggle with the snooze button I already owned, I knew something had to change.

So I broke my clock.

Well, the clock still works. But the snooze button doesn’t.

I popped the little button off, broke the little tabs that made the button usable, and then popped the broken button back in. 10 minutes later…no snooze button.

And it has made all the difference in the world.

On the mornings when I have to set an alarm (which during the summer, aren’t many), I do not sleep in. I roll out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off and head downstairs to start my day. During the school year, I set the alarm for a little bit before the kids get up. I can then enjoy a few minutes to myself in the mornings before the kids go to school. It sets the tone for the day, and I don’t feel rushed.

I’m still not a morning workout person, but the fact that I’m no longer able to hit the snooze button at home, really helps when we are on vacation and I need to work out before the kids get up. My husband sets his watch alarm and as soon as it goes off, I’m up and out the door. Or I’m up and stare at the mirror for a few minutes, drag my feet and THEN I’m out the door.

Whether it’s getting up on time at home to not feel rushed, or getting up in the wee hours while we are on vacation, not having that snooze crutch has really worked for me.

Breaking the snooze…you should try it!

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