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During my recent pregnancy, the only insatiable craving I had was watermelon. We probably went through at least three personal sized seedless watermelons per week, because my three year old son is also addicted. He actually will sneak into the fridge for watermelon.

I can’t complain. Watermelon is a great low calorie way to satisfy a sweet tooth. It’s also chock full of water (duh), so it’s super hydrating.

The bad part? Watermelon is not cheap during the winter. But right now? We’re in inexpensive watermelon season.

So I suggest you dig in!

Tomorrow is probably one of the highest watermelon consumption days of the year, so I thought I’d round up a few recipes to share.

First off? Savory watermelon. You heard me. If you haven’t tried watermelon in a salad, you must. I love it with feta – the sweet of the watermelon paired with the briny feta is amazing. I found this recipe from Paula Deen for Watermelon Salad with Mint Leaves. Take note: this is probably the only Paula Deen recipe in existence without a pound of butter.

Next, I present Watermelon Mojitos courtesy of Ina Garten, a.k.a. the Barefoot Contessa. This is a classed up version of the fruit punch we used to mix up in a cooler in college. Wait. Scratch that. How embarrassing.

(A side note? I want Ina Garten to adopt me so I can go live at her fabulous house in the Hamptons, wear linen and frequent charming little shops).

Finally, Watermelon Soup. This recipe sounds amazing, using lime juice as a tart punch against the sweet of the watermelon and honey.

To everyone out there, happy early 4th of July! Stay safe and have fun.

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