Weigh In Wednesday: Nice scale. NIIIIIICE scale. – Christie O


July 6, 2011 By christieo

OK so the scale was nice to me this week but only because I was sick and didn’t (couldn’t) eat anything while illness rampaged our house.
To the tune of 3 pounds. 3 POUNDS! Gah. I’m still up from the allnighter we pulled but that was the last of us so we should be clear. (Coffee in the forecast. Lots of it.)

Tonight will be the first time I get to work out since last Friday as referenced in my last post, 3 Reasons You Should Never Wait to Workout which include the possibilities of hugging the bowl and an unrelated trip to urgent care. I guess it’s sort of been a rough week. Fittingly so, the last meal I had before sickness was a McDonalds value meal. Guess what makes me sick to think about it? Yes, I think it was a sign for me to abolish disgustingness from my diet. And oddly enough, ANYTHING SWEET falls into that category right now too! I can’t even have flavored coffee right now! Isn’t that funny? (No I am not pregnant!)

Bland stuff for me right now until I’m back up to speed but I sort of like this no yucky food thing and I’m definitely in on the Mini Challenge this week of NO FAST FOOD! I’m all about that.

When the husband gets home tonight and after adequate coffee, I’ll be up and out to the gym and then back by 8pm et for the Twitter Party with Girlz N Gear. You’ll come, right????? (Prizes!) Everyone’s invited!

So, how did you do this week? Please say you did better than I did health-wise! No doubt I will have workout envy when I read your posts.