Burst Into Summer Final Check-in | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hello shrinkers! Today is the FINAL check-in for the Burst Into Summer challenge. Did I just hear a huge sigh of relief, or was that a groan of disappointment?!

Either way, it has been a long, hot, busy summer, and hopefully y’all are a little lighter on the scales and more fit than you were when we kicked off this challenge back in June! Fall is upon us (hurry up, please!) and that means the return of our most popular challenge EVER here at the Sisterhood: SHRINKVIVOR! Yes, Shrinkvivor will be back due to popular demand.

For those of you who are new around here, Shrinkvivor is our weight-loss challenge take on Survivor. We have tribes, challenges, people are voted off to Exile Island. It’s a total blast, and the Ultimate Shrinkvivor wins a bad ass prize! Last year we gave away a sweet beach cruiser bicycle courtesy of CLICK Espresso Protein drinks, along with a slew of other sweet prizes. So gear up, because Shrinkvivor will be starting on September 28th!

Over the next month, we’ll continue our Wednesday check-ins, and hopefully you’ve already registered for our Run The ‘Hood Virtual 5K/10K and 1 mile Family Fun Run, because we’ll also be hitting the C25K training hard!

Today is the last day to enter to win a free registration for Run The ‘Hood, so go do it NOW!!

So let’s get to it! Weigh-in, blog all about it, come back here and leave your link, and go do some blog hopping to show the Sisterhood support.


This week’s mini-challenge is to get a menu-plan together for next week! On Sunday we’ll be kicking off our Menu-Planning feature, complete with our very own Sisterhood menu plan and a link-up. So get it together, blog about it, and come back here on Sunday and link up!



We would like to give New Balance, who is sponsoring this challenge, a HUGE THANK YOU!! The team with the most % of weight lost during this challenge will get a new pair of New Balance Bootcamp Training Shoes. How sweet is that? We are also giving away 5 pairs to random challengers! To be eligible to win, your team will need to check-in TONIGHT 9 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. No exceptions.

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