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It’s confession time!!

This is going to be somewhat boring this week, but I am pretty sure that is a good thing when it comes to my confessions lately.

We are going through some big changes around our household. It’s going to be completely different this year, and it will take some adjusting for all of us. I am not blogging publicly about it, only our family and a few friends know. That is all.

I have started the couch-to-5k program. I’m scared I will quit.

I just finished Day 2 of Week 1 and it wasn’t too bad. Except for when it was.

My company:

School starts in two days. Fall activities have already started for the kids. Our evening schedule goes a little like this:

Sunday: football Monday: volleyball, dance Tuesday: volleyball, football, choir, dance Wednesday: volleyball, dance Thursday: volleyball, dance, football Friday: volleyball

Saturday: FREE. Except when there are volleyball games or dance performances.

I know some of you will say that is way too much, and it probably is. But I do have a lot of kids. Dance is year-round for Averie since she is on team, and choir is year-round for BB also. The girl is just starting middle school and really wanted to try a school sport and both the volleyball coaches and dance studio are willing to work with her on schedules, since sometimes the two are sure to overlap.

I best get my workouts done in the mornings, huh? ;p

My eating has been going fairly well {compared to the rest of the summer}, except Friday night when my husband and I went out. One word: nachos.

How was your week?

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