Blow Out the Candles! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Birthday! We have a birthday!

I won’t tell you how many candles are on her cake this year, just that it’s more candles than I had on my cake. 🙂

Christie is your average mother, wife, and friend.

Only she’s not.

This girl? Does some pretty amazing things.

She runs. She swims. She bikes. In fact, at this very moment, she is out pedaling her heart out on a 40-mile bike ride.

She makes tutus look damn good.

She hangs out with men most women only dream about. *cough* Harry Connick, Jr.

She has the biggest of hearts.

Christie is motivated, spunky, and oh-so-inspiring.

We love you, girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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