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Good morning, couch-to-5k friends! How is it going? We now have a dozen of these workouts under our belt! Can you believe it?

How did Week 4 treat you? What did you think about those 5-minute intervals? Did you survive?

It has definitely been tougher for me, but I am sticking with it! My back really started bothering me again last week, which is a total bummer. I have managed to last 9 months without needing a ESI in my lower back for those crappy herniated discs, but the pain is getting too bad to ignore. So, Thursday morning it is! Hopefully, the injection will work it’s magic!

Have you looked ahead to Week 5 yet? Are you terrified like I am? I did Day 1 yesterday. It wasn’t TOO bad, but I did have to take a walking break of about 20 seconds during that last 5-minute interval. Once I logged my workout and saw my pace, I realized I was totally hauling ass (for me)! I guess that explains the complete out-of-breathness and sweat pouring down my face?

Are you on this C25K journey with me? Tell us about your progress, either leaving a comment or writing a blog post and linking to it below.

Just now hearing about the Couch-to-5K program and want to jump in? Do it!

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Who’s Couch-to-5K’ing? {let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone!}










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